U.S. Security Associates Offers International Training Solutions for Employees Working in Potentially Hostile Environments

U.S. Security Associates Inc.

ATLANTA, April 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- U.S. Security Associates offers international training solutions to help clients with global operations to meet duty of care obligations and manage the risk and liability that go hand in hand with doing business in volatile areas.

Despite the terrorist siege in January that led to the deaths of dozens of foreign oil workers, oil and gas industry giants flocked to Algeria in March for the Hassi Messaud Expo, an international exhibition focused on oil and gas business in the region. Based on turnout for the Expo, growth in Algeria's energy sector shows no sign of slowing down, even in the wake of the most catastrophic terrorist assault ever on an oil or gas facility in Northern Africa.
In Algeria and in other emerging markets around the world, investors and global enterprises are drawn to the lure of billions of dollars in natural resources and critical infrastructure contracts. Host governments are usually highly motivated to provide security and protection for foreign workers, but recent events in Algeria demonstrate that even the best intentions and relatively tight security may not be enough. The assault on In Amenas "was calamitous, and in truth, preventing it might have been impossible," according to Time.

Preventing further tragedies may require "higher fences, more guards and more guns," as suggested in an NPR article that characterized the Algerian attack as a wakeup call. Indeed, Algerian Energy Minister Youcef Yousfi reports the government is conducting security assessments and taking tough measures. But Yousfi rules out the possibility of oil companies employing private armed security, saying "no sovereign country would allow that."
Ray O'Hara, CPP, U.S. Security Associates' Executive Vice President of International Services and Consulting and Investigations, says, "Global clients in many industries are struggling with the same challenges oil and gas companies are facing in Algeria now. The threats associated with hostile environments stem from complex issues, and there are no easy answers. A company may have to rely on a host government's decisions in terms of security posture, but there are still many ways organizations can remain proactive and prepare employees for a range of threats to health and safety."

The Consulting and Investigations Division of U.S. Security Associates offers welcome solutions for safety-focused organizations whose operations require employees to travel or work in potentially hostile environments. Gideon Goodblatt, Vice President, Consulting and Investigations, explains, "Our training programs combine intelligence from country analysts about location-specific risks and dangers with the expertise of in-house specialists in personal security, hostage crisis management, kidnap and response, defensive driving, emergency first aid, and much more.

As commercial opportunities continue to drive global organizations to expand into Algeria and other volatile markets around the world, U.S. Security Associates stands ready to help clients exercise due diligence with targeted training programs that build employee confidence, mitigate risk and improve response to life-threatening events.


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