Data Economy

Big Data Takes Turn as Market Darling

Constance Gustke, Special to
Mining 'Big Data' is Big Business

When Splunk went public a year ago, the era of big data as a stand-alone market opportunity made its biggest splash. After a rash of deals from social media darlings that had dominated and then disappointed in the IPO market, Splunk spoke to a different way to mine the data revolution for investment profits.

This month, Seattle-based Tableau Software, a data analysis firm, filed to go public. And it's already off to a fast start. Tableau, whose clients include Nike and DuPont, has more than tripled its revenues in the past few years. And the company's all-star team includes co-founder Pat Hanrahan, who developed Pixar's award winning movie technology.

The white-hot world of big data is fast becoming an attractive investment market. Some $2.5 billion of venture capital cash is being funneled into big data start-ups, according to IDC, and that means more IPOs will be on the way.