Oviedo Chiropractor Focuses on Success With Spinal Decompression Therapy

OVIEDO, Fla., April 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oviedo chiropractor Dr. Eric Janowitz announced that his practice, Synergy Family Health, is now offering spinal decompression therapy using the DTS Triton system, an advanced computerized traction treatment. Decompression therapy gently creates traction in the spine, which creates space between compressed vertebrae. According to Dr. Janowitz, this treatment opens the space of trapped nerves and relieves pressure on the nerves and chronic pain. This treatment is effective for a variety of conditions, including herniated discs, bulging discs, sciatica, spinal stenosis, and chronic pain due to failed back surgery.

Individuals who are suffering from chronic pain may benefit from decompression therapy, which is now available at Synergy Family Health. This innovative, non-surgical therapy treats disc problems resulting in back pain, neck pain, limb pain and numbness such as sciatica and carpal tunnel type symptoms.

According to Oviedo chiropractor Dr. Janowitz, spinal decompression therapy is ideal for patients who suffer from disc problems in their back.

"I strongly recommend decompression therapy as an alternative to spinal injections or surgery," said Dr. Janowitz. "Gentle, computerized traction safely separates compressed vertebrae, creating negative pressure on a damaged disc. This negative pressure allows disc material that has separated from the disc to be pulled back inside, which supports the healing process."

While these changes may seem comfortable and imperceptible, the treatment's effective over time is cumulative. Dr. Janowitz says the number of treatment sessions will vary based on a patient's needs. However, many patients begin experiencing immediate pain relief after just a few sessions.

"I have personally experienced my own disc problems and I know firsthand how scary it can be when confronted with the possibility of back surgery, especially with its high failure rate," explained Dr. Janowitz.

The chiropractic care center utilizes the DTS Triton system, one of the most sophisticated computerized traction systems currently available. The table uses an advanced system that expands and contracts the spine as the traction occurs.

"The DTS Triton decompression system is truly a revolutionary therapy," said Dr. Janowitz. "It offers an extremely high success rate and is able to help relieve chronic back pain due to a number of different health conditions, including sciatica and headaches."

Individuals who visit the practice's website can watch informative videos about decompression therapy. These videos introduce patients to the therapy and explain what to expect during treatment.

"We are excited to announce the launch of our new patient-care video series explaining the benefits of decompression therapy," said Dr. Janowitz. "Our goal is to help patients feel confident, informed, and comfortable with their treatment choices."

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