Cramer: Stock Could Gain; Even If Economy Fails

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Although most stocks trade in tandem with the S&P 500 there are some stocks in which the fundamentals are so strong, they continue to rally when the overall market declines.

And on Monday when the S&P slid more than 2%, Acorda Therapeutics rallied more than 12%.

"I suspect this is the kind of stock that can keep rallying even if the global economy falls to pieces," said Jim Cramer on Monday's broadcast.

Acorda Therapeutics is a smaller biotech company that largely focuses on treatments for people suffering with neurological disorders.

"Their big drug is Ampyra, an orphan drug that helps people with multiple sclerosis regain some of their ability to walk," Cramer explained.

Because the drug improves motor skills and relieves fatigue it's success has led to speculation that it may be effective in the treatment of other diseases.

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"The stock jumped Monday because we got some very positive phase 2 data showing that Ampyra may also work for stroke victims, said Cramer. "And it's showing promise with cerebral palsy patients too."

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However, this company isn't a one trick pony; Cramer also said Acorda has a promising pipeline.

"They're developing a treatment for epileptic seizures that the FDA could approve sometime this year," he said. "Also the company is developing a spinal cord injury treatment that's in phase 2 stages, and there are some earlier stage projects that could also be promising."

Despite the recent gains, Cramer still thinks the stock could rally more. With the success of Ampyra and the promise of new treatments for epilepsy and spinal cord injuries Cramer said, "I think there's still plenty of upside, here."

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