Facebook Moves to Take Over Apple Devices With 'Home' Software

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Facebook is trying to take over Apple devices with its new software.

One of the key functions of the social giant's new app—Facebook Home—is now available on Apple iOS devices, the company said on Tuesday.

The "chat heads" feature, which is the messaging function in Facebook Home that lets users send and receive messages while running other applications, is now available to iOS users once they update their Facebook application on an iPhone or iPad.

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Facebook Home had been available only on devices running Google's Android operating system. Apps offered in Apple's app store must first be approved by the company, making it more difficult for Facebook to roll out Home on iOS devices.

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Facebook Home is a suite of applications that basically takes over the homescreen of a user's phone to show content from their newsfeed and also runs the chat heads messaging system.

While a full version of Home is not yet available on iOS devices, Facebook said it is working with Apple to develop a version for them.

—CNBC's Julia Boorstin contributed to this report