Fitmark Expands Into Major Specialty Retailer

SAN FRANCISCO, April 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fitmark™, an exclusive brand of bags for the fitness enthusiast, has garnered the attention of major specialty retailer Bed, Bath & Beyond. In April, the company will test its high-end bags at a couple of the store's California retail locations. Bed, Bath & Beyond has created an entirely new category for the store, aimed at fitness enthusiasts who want high-quality, high-end travel bags.

"We're extremely excited about this opportunity," says founder Mark Samuel. "It's another major milestone for our growing company."

Samuel sees the overture from Bed, Bath, & Beyond as a huge opportunity to break into a new market. "I'm a big goal setter, just like our customer base," he says. "Whether it's in the gym or in business, we set goals, achieve them, and set new ones. I think it's a great way to live life."

Fitmark bags at the well-known chain bring the company one step closer to its mission. Says Samuel: "We believe our brand represents the fitness enthusiast and the lifestyle. Our mission is to outfit every fitness enthusiast in the world with our bags."

Samuel sees huge strides coming in the next few months, as Fitmark bags continue to gain popularity. Even with these successes, he is clear that Fitmark's core values will remain the same: "Customer satisfaction comes before anything else and will remain that way forever," says Samuel.

Fitmark Bag Details

  • Bags range from $75 to $169
  • Features include tailored compartments for laptop, shoes, sports bottle, toiletries, phone and more
  • Custom, hand-selected fabrics, colorways, leather accents, detailed stitching and ergonomic design
  • Free shipping and free returns in the USA.

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About Fitmark

Fitmark is the premier bag and luggage brand for fitness enthusiasts. Our products are designed exclusively for the person who takes pride in every element of their look. We know fitness and sports enthusiasts, as well as athletes and fitness professionals, put a lot of time and effort into designing their body. At Fitmark, we're no different. Starting at $75, our exclusive line of fitness-centric bags reflects a mark of success, style, and sophistication because we believe everyone can have it all — in one bag.

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