Keiler Launches New Business Unit

Farmington, CT, April 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ( -- With the launch of a new, healthcare marketing business unit, Keiler Healthcare, the independent, full-service marketing agency, Keiler, will leverage its 40 years of strategy-driven experience to benefit companies within the highly complex world of the healthcare industry.

Pharmaceutical companies, bio-tech start-ups, medical device manufacturers, hospitals, managed care and other medical-related businesses will profit from Keiler's solid experience of providing a complete range of traditional and digital solutions for major national and global clients. Keiler's strategic approach toward the challenges that healthcare clients are currently facing has already benefited many companies, including Kimberly-Clark Healthcare's surgical and infection prevention line of products.

"This new division is a natural evolution for Keiler as an agency," said Lynn Taylor, President and CEO of the 50-person shop. "Keiler does highly effective, award-winning creative work for companies and products that are quite complex and present challenging branding and communications issues," she said.

Leading Keiler Healthcare is Jon Brody, Executive Director, who brings almost two decades of healthcare marketing experience to his new role. Before joining Keiler Healthcare, Brody was with The Falk Group as Director of Client Services, managing medical education.

"Keiler Healthcare is built to leverage the new dynamic in medical marketing," said Brody, who explained that the healthcare industry has a new universe of decision makers and influencers, along with new decision-making criteria and new marketing requirements -- which translate into fewer opportunities for companies to communicate with decision makers and advance their market share.

While these new political, economic and business realities create complex challenges, Brody said opportunities still abound for those companies which know how to leverage innovative strategic solutions that will allow them to compete within these new constraints. "Our expertise in peer-to-peer communications ensures that a client's product, brand or service is successfully adopted into every part of the healthcare practice," said Brody.

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Keiler is an independent, strategy-driven marketing agency that provides creative solutions for complex businesses with challenging branding and communications issues. Keiler, which is woman-owned, has a solid, 40-year success rate of developing a complete range of traditional and digital solutions for an impressive roster of national and global clients. Consistently rated by Crain's BtoB Magazine as one of the top B2B agencies in America, Keiler begins each client project with a unique planning process. For more information, visit

Keiler Healthcare, a business unit of Keiler, is built to successfully lead clients through the complex new dynamic of marketing within the healthcare industry. Keiler Healthcare's area of expertise involves strategically enabling peer-to-peer communications to integrate a client's product, brand or service into every aspect of a targeted audience. For more information, visit

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