Cramer: Buy A Post-Quarter Sell-Off in This Stock

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Typically, this stock gets hit almost every time it reports. And Cramer is hoping it happens again.

"That's because the stock always seems to work its way higher," Cramer said. "I don't know if you'll get a post-quarter sell-off this time, but if people find something to dislike, I'd buy."

The stock Cramer's talking about is Core Labs, the maker of proprietary technology that helps oil companies figure out where to drill.

It's one of many companies that stand to benefit from the vast reserves of oil and gas discovered across the nation. (That's one of Cramer's top themes for 2013.)

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However Cramer is particularly enthusiastic about Core Labsbecause he thinks they have the best technology.

"You might think the domestic energy revolution is about all of the huge new oil and gas discoveries we've made in this country, but it's really about technology, because none of these unconventional shale plays would matter if we didn't have the tech to make it economical to drill there," Cramer explained.

"They also do production enhancement — they can tell oil producers the best place to drill their wellbores in order to squeeze more crude out of their oil fields. And Core Labs has a reservoir management business where they show their clients how to maximize the return on their investment in a given oil field," Cramer explained.

In a nutshell, "Our technology helps clients recover more and more oil," explained David Demshur, president and CEO of Core Labs.

In addition, Cramer sees another reason to own the stock. On Monday April 8th, after GE acquired Lufkin, the Mad Money host suggested Core Labs might also be in play.

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"If GE wants to buttress its research, only one independent company can leapfrog them to the top, and that's Core Labs," Cramer said

It's worth noting that Cramer has liked this stock for quite some time. "It's generated a 109% gain since I got behind it in February of 2010, and it's up a quick 11% since we last spoke with the CEO at the end of January."

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