I'm a Peace Lover, Are You? China Minister Asks CNBC

China's former foreign minister championed peace during an interview with CNBC in Moscow, asking CNBC what it had done to help peace talks resume between North Korea and Washington.

"We have to create the conditions to return to six party talks for peace…the important things for all countries, including your country, is to abide by the general principles enshrined by the UN Charter. China has shown that it is sincere and honest in doing that," Li Zhaoxing, China's former foreign minister, told CNBC.

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Li Zhaoxing
China Photos | Getty Images News | Getty Images
Li Zhaoxing

Li Zhaoxing said he was a peace lover and asked CNBC's correspondent, Geoff Cutmore, who was interviewing him at the Russian Forum in Moscow, what CNBC was doing for world peace.

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"News does not have a national boundary but a correspondent should have a conscience…It is your job to let the world have more justice," he said. "What have you done to help create conditions for helping resume six party talks?" he asked Cutmore.

"As a correspondent you could do your bit to create conditions for people on the Korean peninsula and the neighboring areas to enjoy stability, to sleep as well as you do and dream as beautifully as you do," he added.

-By CNBC's Holly Ellyatt, follow her on Twitter @HollyEllyatt