Thatcher Handbag Sales Soar

Tom Stoddart | Getty Images

While Britain paid its respects to former prime minister Margaret Thatcher on Wednesday, the market is still feeling the force of her economic impact.

As the only female leader in the cabinet room or at important international meetings, Thatcher made her handbag a trademark and a symbolic weapon. Her death has led to a jump in sales of her preferred handbag brand.

The Bellini and Adagio bags, by Launer, both Thatcher favorites, have seen a more-than-50-percent spike in sales since the former Prime Minister's passing.

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"Since the announcement of Baroness Thatcher's passing, Launer has seen a 53 percent sales rise across black, structured handbags that Baroness Thatcher loved," Launer said in a press release.

The biggest increase in sales occurred on the morning of Baroness Thatcher's funeral and on the evening of her death.

"Over 75 percent of these sales were domestic, which was surprising considering when sales rose following Her Majesty The Queen wearing Launer handbags at the Jubilee and Royal Wedding, the majority of sales were international," Launer said in the release.

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Thatcher was given her first Launer bag by the company's chief executive, Gerald Bodmer, as a present in the 1980s. The handbag came with a newspaper cartoon depicting the former prime minister hitting Argentina with her clutch following her victory in the Falklands.

It's not surprising that luxury Thatcher handbags are in demand—in 2011, an Asprey handbag, carried by Thatcher during her 1985 meeting with U.S. President Ronald Reagan at Camp David—was sold at auction for 25,000 pounds ($37,500).