Cramer: These Are 7 Simply Amazing Companies

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Cramer likes fundamentals. And although the current environment is difficult – it may have done investors a big favor - it's allowed companies with strong fundamentals to stand out.

That is, despite the threat of a slowdown in China or the uncertainty presented by the financial woes in Europe, some companies have continued to thrive and for the most part they are companies with strong fundamentals.

These are the kinds of companies that Cramer likes to identify on Mad Money as he scours the market in search of ways to make money.

Following are a handful that Cramer currently finds noteworthy.

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First on Cramer's list is Verizon. "This is one of my absolute favorite companies, one that reported astounding growth, adding more than 600,000 subscribers, and, simultaneously getting each subscriber, on average, to pay more for the service."

Like many other companies that are executing well, Verizon does a lion's share of its business here in the US, a characteristic that Cramer finds very appealing.

"Verizon is domestic, it has terrific growth, it has an amazing balance sheet and it generates a 4% yield with a dividend," said Cramer. "Simply amazing."

Union Pacific

Cramer also cited Union Pacific as a company that's firing on all cylinders. "You know I think the world of the rails," said Cramer.

But of all the catalysts, perhaps none other appeals to Cramer more than Union Pacific's commitment to newly discovered energy reserves.

"They're moving aggressively; they're becoming the key railroad that transports oil from the Bakken," Cramer said.

Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan has been a Cramer favorite for quite some time – and it remains in his good graces.

Another play on the vast energy reserves recently discovered in the US, this energy company has developed much needed pipelines that moves oil and gas.

"Think of Kinder Morgan as a toll taker," Cramer said. The company has vision and the vision makes you money," he said.

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Sherwin Williams

Few things excite Cramer more than the housing renaissance underway in this nation. And he believes Sherwin-Williams is among the best poised to profit from what he believes will be a forthcoming surge in home sales.

"The CEO at Sherwin Williams has figured out how to take advantage of the housing boom in this country," Cramer said. "They sell the most paint in the best stores, which is why the company delivered a number that was just stupendous."

Core Labs

It may sound like a pharma company, but Core Labs is actually a play on energy; they make the technology which in turn makes it possible to extract energy from places such as the Bakken.

"None of the unconventional shale plays would matter if we didn't have the technology to make it economical to drill there," Cramer explained.

Cramer thinks this company is an absolute testament to the strength of American ingenuity.

"We are all lamenting the lack of growth in technology, but that's because we are looking for technology in all the wrong places, in personal computers, in servers and in cell phones. We should be looking for it in the oil patch," he said.


Cramer thinks PepsiCo demands attention for its commitment to reinvent the way in which people snack.

"This is not your father's PepsiCo," said Cramer. It's become an overseas powerhouse with its products loved as much in other nations as they are here in the US.

Earlier in the week, PepsiCo reported better-than-expected quarter and the company stood by its full-year forecast, which calls for earnings to grow 7 percent from the $4.10 per share it earned in 2012.

PPG Industries

If for no other reason, Cramer thinks PPG warrants your attention for its strategic divestitures.

"Chuck Bunch, the CEO of PPG, a maker of protective and decorative coatings, shed his low-margin commodity businesses and moved into high end coatings that are used not just domestically but also in growth areas of Asia," Cramer said

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