Cramer's Million Jobs Strategy

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Millions of qualified people are struggling to find work. And it doesn't have to be that way.

Jim Cramer thinks the employment prospects of our nation could change and change rapidly if only lawmakers in Washington would just set aside partisan politics on two issues.

That's right, if Washington would come together on only two issues they could change the fortunes of millions of Americans.

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First, Cramer said the Fed has to finalize rules under Dodd-Frank.

Because of the uncertainty involving the new financial regulations, banks are reluctant to lend except to those people with extremely high FICO scores. They worry that Dodd-Frank may contain unexpected landmines that will trigger some kind of future penalty or repercussion.

"For example, right now the FICO score for real estate titan Realogy's book of business is extraordinarily and punitively high at 760," said Cramer. "It prevents people who can afford a home from buying one."

However, if Dodd-Frank was finalized and more people could get mortgages, then more buyers would enter the housing market. Cramer is convinced they would still be well qualified buyers and the additional homes purchased would generate a virtuous spiral that would, in turn, make tons of new jobs.

"One dollar toward the purchase of a house can produce an additional $6 in related spending," Cramer said.

Second, Cramer said lawmakers need to embrace the promise of new energy discovered across the nation.

Although he agrees that alternative fuels such as wind and solar are critical for future generations, in the near-term the Mad Money host said if lawmakers would throw support behind natural gas in the near-term, the immediate boom would be enormous.

"All lawmakers need to say is, 'the goal is for us to be energy independent on this continent by the end of 2016.' That alone could produce a million jobs in the oil and gas business," said Cramer.

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And Cramer thinks the virtuous spiral would be even greater in the future. "The move would create ancillary small businesses and it may even encourage other nations to build factories here in the US. That's how cheap our energy has become."

Again, Cramer thinks it all comes down to is Washington and the willingness of lawmakers to set aside politics. "I know there's a way, I just don't know if there is a will."

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