Crowd Rules 101: Specialty Foods

Crowd Rules 101: Specialty Foods
Series Premiere: Tuesday, May 14 at 9PM ET/PT

The panel and the crowd evaluate the expanding industry of specialty foods. Pickle Licious, a retail store that sells pickles, olives, and other various spreads; Mr. Green Tea, a multigenerational family business that makes exotic desserts; and Heartbreaking Dawns, a hot sauce and fiery foods company, all compete for the $50,000 prize. Guest Expert: Elizabeth Chambers.

Meet the Contestants

  • Get to Know Pickle Licious

    Robyn Samra is "The Pickle Lady." She's been in the pickle business for over 20 years. Her company, Pickle Licious, specializes in homemade pickles, pickled vegetables, and olive mixes as well as homemade relishes, olive tapenades & hummus. On some days you can find chocolate-covered pickles and pickle-flavored gum in the NJ retail shop. You can also find Pickle Licious products online and in farmers markets in NY, NJ and PA.

  • Get to Know Mr. Green Tea

    Mr. Green Tea Ice Cream Co. manufactures and distributes handcrafted exotically-flavored desserts and ice creams. They have been creating their signature flavors, green tea, red bean & ginger ice cream for nearly 50 years. Mr. Green Tea recently launched pint-sized containers into the retail market and they're now available in over 300 supermarkets and grocery stores. Mr. Green Tea is a family run business owned by the Emanuele family.

  • Get to Know Heartbreaking Dawns

    Heartbreaking Dawns is a hot sauce company that creates all-natural artisan sauces and spice blends. It is owned by husband and wife team, Johnny and Nicole McLaughlin. The couple began by growing hot peppers in their garden, then they started selling hot sauce at local festivals and now their sauces can be found in 14 different countries. The company was founded in 2008.

Meet the Expert

  • Founder and co‐owner of Bird Bakery, Correspondent for the E! News Bureau and Acces

Did the Crowd Get It Right?

  • So, how does Robyn Samara, owner of Pickle Licous really feel about the panelist's advice?

  • The "Crowd Rules" panelists may have voted for Mr. Green Tea, but the crowd did not. The Emanuele family react to not winning the $50,000.

  • "Crowd Rules" winner Johnny McLaughlin reacts to the voting outcome and explains what he plans to do with his $50,000 winnings.

  • "Crowd Rules" expert Elizabeth Chambers visited Pickle Licous, Mr. Green Tea, and Heartbreaking Dawns. What did she have to say about each company?

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