Bring on the Bling: Over-the-Top 'I Dos'

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Something lavish, something diamond, something Hollywood — and many things new.

Such is the refrain of today's outrageous weddings, where celebrities and heirs to vast fortunes marry in over-the-top nuptials with price-tags in the millions.

"This is definitely something that could be perceived as a publicity stunt," said Anja Winikka, site director at the wedding website "There's celebrity spending on nuptials as compared to average couple spending, and then there's these outrageous weddings that spend over-the-top amounts of money. You have to ask yourself why spend that much?"

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Many times couples will rent out an entire property for their venue to ensure privacy and find a creative space. Others spend big bucks to pull off an elaborate theme such as the reported $9 million wedding that former Facebook president Sean Parker is planning for his June wedding, which will feature artificial waterfalls, bridges, ponds, ruins and a gated cottage, TMZ reports.

These pricey celebrations stand in stark contrast to the average U.S. wedding, whose budget was $28,427, according to the latest survey last year.

Winikka listed several of the top trends at these extravagant weddings, including "lots of expensive flowers covering every surface," gold, diamonds, and brides that "tend to have very pricey dresses and many of them, as well as jewelry dripping in diamonds and the like."

Still, Winikka emphasized that hosting an outrageous wedding is not the norm for celebrities.

"This isn't necessarily a trend among all celebrities, if anything, celebrity weddings are trending less outrageous and much more private," she said. "However, you do occasionally have a celebrity who wants to celebrate in a big, expensive, outrageous way.Those that choose this route are probably trying to set trends, rather than keep up with them."

Winikka cited Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey's weddings as two examples of relatively low-key nuptials amid more outrageous weddings, like the one in the works for Sean Parker's upcoming marriage.

Even though Parker-like extravaganzas tend to stand out, those who host extremely low-key events, like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who surprised his guests with a secret wedding, sometimes get just as much publicity.

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