Pet Senior Wellness Care Requires Special Attention According to Jacksonville Veterinarian

JACKSONVILLE, N.C., April 21, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jacksonville, NC veterinarian Dr. Dave Altman of Animal Hospital of Onslow County is educating pet owners about the importance of pet senior wellness care. According to Dr. Altman, senior pet care is very different than caring for puppies and kittens or even adult pets. As pets age, they require additional wellness exams to monitor their health. Mobility challenges and pain management concerns due to arthritis may also need to be addressed. Finally, Dr. Altman says that senior pets may have different nutrition needs to address weight management concerns, a thyroid imbalance or other health problems.

Animal Hospital of Onslow County announced that the vet hospital is now offering senior pet wellness plans to ensure that older pets receive critical health care services. According to veterinarian Dr. Dave Altman, senior pets have special care needs, and these pet wellness plans are designed specifically to address these needs.

"As pets age, many pet owners notice a general 'slowing down' in their pets' mobility and senses," said Dr. Altman. "What pet owners cannot see, however, are the internal changes taking place. Pet senior wellness exams, including preventative blood work, are designed to identify these changes and address them before a pet's health is compromised."

During a senior check-up Dr. Altman or fellow veterinarian Dr. Craig Corry conducts a full physical exam of a pet's body accompanied by preventative blood work. These diagnostic exams provide the veterinarian with a full snapshot of a pet's health on the inside and outside.

"Blood work is very important," said Dr. Corry. "We may uncover a change in white blood cell or platelet counts that could signify cancer, a disease or autoimmune disorder. The earlier we identify the warning signs of illness, then the more we can do to treat this problem."

During the semi-annual wellness exam, the veterinarians will weigh the pet and discuss his current diet. As pages age and activity levels slow, they are more likely to gain weight. Just like with humans, pets that are overweight or obese are at increased risk for health problems.

"Obesity is rising amongst senior pets," said Dr. Altman. "At the same time, many senior pets are not being fed the right diet to meet their age-related health needs. For example, the addition of dietary supplements can help ease minor arthritis pains in older pets."

As part of the senior health exam, Dr. Corry and Dr. Altman will make dietary recommendations. These recommendations include specific dietary supplements that may help naturally address a pet's health problems.

Senior pet are at increased risk for osteoarthritis and other age-related pain. The veterinarians work with pet owners to treat chronic pain and ensure older pets are able to enjoy their golden years in comfort.

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