Where Gold Prices Bottom: Gartman

Last week's gold panic may have signaled a bottom for the precious metal in U.S. dollar terms, Dennis Gartman of The Gartman Letter said Monday on CNBC.

"I suspect in dollar terms we may well have seen the lows last week," he said. "The panic liquidation that occurred was really pretty serious."

On "Fast Money," Gartman reiterated his favorite gold play.

"Everybody knows that I like gold in yen terms," he said. "I'm absolutely convinced that we saw the low in gold in those terms."

Gartman noted that gold in yen terms had rallied 9 percent from its lows and was "within spitting distance of new all-time highs."

Gold prices this week could provide evidence of a bottom, he added.

"If we don't fall off in the next couple of days, if we don't fall precipitously, then the lows last Monday and Tuesday were the lows for a long period of time," Gartman said.

But don't bet on gold miners either, he added.

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"Why would you trade the gold miners when your bet is on gold itself? When you're betting on the miners, you're betting on gold and you're betting on their ability to produce it. You're betting on their ability to keep their mines in operation. You're betting on them not doing something silly.

"If you're going to make an implied bet on gold, bet on gold, bet on GLD, buy the gold futures, avoid the gold miners, and whatever you do, avoid the junior miners," he said. "That's just a place to throw money down a hole."

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Gartman also noted price action in copper, along with tin, aluminum and zinc.

"They all look bad, and in aggregate that's a PhD in economics, and that doesn't bode well for the economy, as it were.

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"Copper's telling us a story about slowing global economic growth," he said. "Pay attention to that fact."

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