Will the Dollar Hit 100 Yen This Week?

Kiyoshi Ota | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Dollar-yen has been teetering at the 99-handle for two straight sessions, raising expectations that the currency pair could breach the key psychological 100- mark as early as this week.

After the Group of 20 (G-20) nations at the weekend refrained from criticizing Japan's stimulus program, which has seen the yen lose over 6 percent against the dollar this month, currency analysts say markets have been given the green light to push the yen lower.

There's also the backdrop of aggressive monetary easing in Japan that points to further yen weakness.

Yet breaking through the 100-mark is proving a struggle for dollar/yen, which had a stab at the level earlier this month when the yen weakened to about 99.94 per dollar, its weakest level in four years.

Some experts say Japanese investors are still not buying enough foreign assets in order for the currency pair to break the 100 level.

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So, will dollar-yen continue its descent to hit 100 this week or does the yen, which has fallen more than 20 percent since mid-November, need a fresh catalyst to trigger a further downward move?

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