Wavecrest Computing Releases Major Enhancements To Their Cyfin & CyBlock Products

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Melbourne, Florida, April 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wavecrest Computing is pleased to announce the release of two major enhancements in the new versions of Cyfin and CyBlock. The first enhancement is the new SSL Inspection feature that allows CyBlock products to decrypt, analyze, and fully inspect all HTTPS traffic. In order to defeat security threats facing companies today, SSL Inspection is essential. The second enhancement is an innovative technique for protection against automated invasion of malicious scripts and software and/or unauthorized access to internal networks. Wavecrest's Enhanced Malware Protection automates the process of identifying large numbers of new malware-spreading sites.

Wavecrest's CyBlock SSL Inspection gives network administrators the ability to monitor SSL-encrypted traffic and to identify and respond to any undesirable content. SSL encryption (HTTPS) is being increasingly used to protect the confidentiality of business and personal data on the Web. While SSL encryption solves many privacy-protection problems, it can allow traffic that poses security threats-both inbound and outbound-to pass through security protection measures uninspected and unchecked. The array of network and security appliances and programs that enterprises are using for Internet security can only inspect plaintext traffic and are unable to inspect SSL-encrypted communications for attack signatures. The total CyBlock SSL Inspection process decrypts, analyzes, categorizes, and then re-encrypts the traffic.

Wavecrest's Enhanced Malware Protection delivers a tenfold increase in CyBlock's ability to protect customers' computer networks from malware and Cyfin's ability to identify increasing security threats. Wavecrest customers have been using CyBlock and Cyfin products to protect against and identify automated invasion of malicious scripts and software, and unauthorized access to their internal networks-the two major problems caused by malware. The new challenge lay in keeping the URL List up to date in the face of the relentless and rapid increase in the number of malware-spreading sites. Addressing this issue with a robust enhancement, Wavecrest has significantly improved the ability to keep the list current.

"Taking on the serious challenges facing our customers today, this release highlights Wavecrest's commitment to be on the forefront by providing critical and timely content security solutions. Our products take the difficulty out of managing the latest Web-based threats, protecting mission-critical bandwidth, and enforcing today's complex Web-use policies." - Dennis McCabe, President, Wavecrest Computing

Wavecrest Computing develops, markets, and supports Web-filtering and Web-use reporting solutions for all types and sizes of organizations. In addition to now providing SSL Inspection capability and thwarting malware, their products help curtail casual surfing, protect against bandwidth abuse, prevent workforce productivity loss, and reduce legal liability risks. Wavecrest Computing's client list includes well-known corporations such as Edward Jones, General Electric, IBM, MillerCoors, Rolex, Siemens, and others.,

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