Seat at the Table with Maria Bartiromo

  • Bringing together 10 guests with impressive pedigrees in the technology and collaborative-consumption sectors was no small feat, but these leaders are spearheading even more-impressive opportunities and new economies.

  • Maria Bartiromo invites tech stars, from entrepreneurs to investors, to dinner.

  • Seat at the Table: Disruption Comes to Dinner

    First Course. One dinner party, half a billion dollars in venture capital and an audience of more than 100 million global consumers. Maria Bartiromo sits down with rising stars and technology industry veterans for an intimate meal to discuss the "Sharing Economy."

  • Seat at the Table: What's Mine Is Yours Is Ours

    Maria Bartiromo invites tech stars, from entrepreneurs to investors, to dinner to discuss the so-called "Sharing Economy."

  • Seat at the Table: Hot Tech and Great Companies

    Third Course. The "Sharing Economy" is hot, but can the companies capturing consumers' imaginations and dollars withstand the heat? They tell Maria Bartiromo their plans for greatness.

  • Seat at the Table: Money Makers

    Dessert. The entrepreneurs behind the "Sharing Economy's" fast-growing start-ups tell Maria Bartiromo they don't even think about going public.

  • Seat at the Table: On the Menu

    An exclusive look behind the scenes at the menu of the "Sharing Economy" dinner, as prepared by ABC Kitchen executive chef Dan Kluger.

  • Maria Bartiromo participating in CNBC's Seat at the Table.

    Maria Bartiromo hosts an intimate dinner with the rising stars of collaborative consumption, a new breed of technology companies.