Leading Global Brands Partner With Emerging Talent to Solve the Social Media Advertising Problem

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Nokia and adidas Eyewear are Among the First Major Brands to Utilize a Whole New Approach to Digital Advertising Developed by Talenthouse

Liberating Artists Through Leading Edge Technology

LOS ANGELES, April 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Talenthouse, in partnership with adidas eyewear and Nokia announced today the launch of a groundbreaking engagement platform that enables the global creative community to make money every time their work is shared across popular social networks. The money is being provided by brands, who in return get their message integrated into all the conversations that happen around the original content.

"Our partnership with Talenthouse enables Nokia to directly support creative projects, giving creators the tools to make the right connections," says Craig Hepburn, Global Director, Digital & Social Media at Nokia. "We are excited to be part of this innovative platform launch and believe this will positively transform the creative industry and democratize content creation & brand advocacy."

Talenthouse currently has over 2 million members who participate in creative collaborations across film, fashion, music, art and photography on the platform.

"The Creative Community today does not have a place to call home on the Internet," says Chris DeWolfe, CEO of SGN, Founder of MySpace and Talenthouse Board Member, "Through Talenthouse, artists now have a place where they can display their full body of work, be supported by new and old fans alike, and make money."

Pioneering a new digital advertising model, "Sponsored Member Portfolios" and "Sponsored Creative Invites" are based around the sharing of creative content across all social networks, which generates visibility and income for the artist and an immersive distribution vehicle for brands.

"It's very exciting that adidas eyewear can support creativity on a global level and help provide a stage for great talent. Who knows what opportunities will be initiated as creators share and engage in order to receive financial support. This is the start of a new movement," says Ben Ashlin, Global Marketing Director, adidas eyewear.

"The internet was initially about information. The second phase was all about communication," says Roman Scharf, CEO of Talenthouse, "Now we are at the beginning of the third phase, that is all about collaboration."

"We believe global collaboration is the future of the creative industry," says Amos Pizzey, Founder of Talenthouse, "That's why we've built Talenthouse - to liberate all artists."

About Talenthouse

Talenthouse is the world's platform for creative collaboration, connecting aspiring talent, established artists and brand advertisers. Artists always retain ownership of their own work using Talenthouse as a platform to collaborate, grow their audience and monetize their work. Brands choose Talenthouse to engage in a dialogue with consumers in an entertaining, relevant and credible context.

Celebrated icons and global brands like Nokia, Playstation, Oracle, Universal Music, bing, 20th Century Fox, adidas, Nikon, Warner Music, Microsoft, HP, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, U2, Lady Gaga, deadmau5, Dolce & Gabbana, Paul McCartney, Tom Ford, Stan Lee, Eric Clapton and Linkin Park are among many who have turned to Talenthouse to build brand visibility and awareness across and beyond the social web. Talenthouse is where artists and brands engage to build an authentic community that rewards creativity and unlocks the value of collaboration.

Our mission is to liberate all artists.


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