Cramer: 'This Pullback a Total Gift'

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"You don't get too many gifts in this market, but today I think you're being handed one on a silver platter," said Cramer.

The Mad Money host was talking about the pullback in Tupperware Brands.

"For the last three months, this stock has been, if not a permanent resident of the new 52-week high list, then at the very least it's been a frequent visitor," Cramer said.

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However on Wednesday the stock slipped more than 4% after Tupperware reported earnings. Although first quarter profit was essentially flat, Tupperware also said sales in the US were down 3%. On the news, investors ran for the exits.

Cramer thinks sellers are likely making a mistake.

In the same earnings report, Tupperware also said emerging markets made up the majority of the company's sales – a total of 62% - and that's a metric that Cramer like – a lot.

"Remember, Tupperware uses a direct sales model," Cramer said. "They have a sales force of 2.8 million independent distributors, those are people who are basically working for themselves. And the strategy has proven to be a fantastic way to move product in the developing world especially in place where there's a lot less retail infrastructure as compared to the US."

Therefore, Cramer thinks the company has a great deal of potential in the emerging markets going forward, especially as more people attain middle class.

But that's not the only reason Cramer recommends putting this stock on the radar.

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"Tupperware sports a bountiful 3.1% yield," he reminded, "and it also has $1.1 billion left in its buyback program."

All told, Cramer sees every reason for shares to continue higher. "I think this pullback could be a total gift," he said

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