TransAKT Ltd. Announces Construction of Vegetable Production Factory

LAS VEGAS, April 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TransAKT Ltd. (OTCQB:TAKD) ("TransAKT") today announced that it has completed construction of its 19,375 square foot (1,800 square meter) vegetable production factory located in Yangmei City, Taiwan, that can accommodate 600,000 edible green plants at once or 1,800,000 plants per month for a yield of approximately 75,000 kg of vegetables per month based on a 10 day growth cycle. The factory is expected to reach full operating capacity by the end of June 2013.

This revolutionary process for vegetable production relies on a combination of simulated sunlight from LED lamps, electronically controlled automation systems (up to 85% automated) and plant nutrition control systems. The vegetables produced have been tested by SGS Labs and certified to comply with or exceed European standards for nitrate, heavy metal, and bacteria content, and are proven pesticide free.

"Our staff includes experts in each related field, allowing us to produce extraordinary yields in a very small area," explains James Wu, chairman of TransAKT. "We have already provided samples to major retailers in Taiwan including local supermarkets, convenience stores, and wholesalers and have received a very positive response. We expect to receive formal orders soon. I believe that our proprietary technology will make TransAKT a very competitive source for safe, clean vegetables and allow scalable production to meet rapidly growing demand. We plan to expand our production capacity in Taiwan in the coming months."

About TransAKT

TransAKT is a manufacturer of highly innovative agricultural equipment used to grow a large variety of vegetables and fruit using simulated sunlight from LED lamps in proprietary a hydroponic system. In addition, TransAKT is a global distributor of LED lighting products focused on serving the fastest growing market of commercial, hospitality, and outdoor lighting. The Company's global corporate management team is based in Las Vegas, Calgary and Taipei. For more information about TransAKT please call 403-290-1744 or visit

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