Twitter #TV Will Be Better Than Twitter #Music

Twitter launches Twiiter Music.
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Twitter launches Twiiter Music.

If you want the best new content, you go to Twitter.

Twitter #Music is a natural extension of the company. It helps that the app is brilliantly designed and, like the best tech products, just works. The Popular tab offers the newest songs trending on Twitter, tracks that aren't yet on Z100 or the iTunes Top Songs chart.The Emerging Artists tab curates "hidden talent found in the Tweets"—and I've already discovered several new songs that I liked enough to add to Spotify playlists.

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Twitter #Music is the second app Twitter released in 2013 that is a hit right out of the gate. Like Vine, it introduces a new type of content into the Twitter ecosystem, feeding users with dynamic media based on their social graph.

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What's special about Twitter #Music is that it recommends music based on what your friends and other people are currently listening to.

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On Facebook, people post mostly about themselves and their milestones—think babies, cats, weddings and life events. People post at a far higher rate on Twitter and share whatever has their attention at that moment, including articles, songs and videos.

There's no other network that comes close to Twitter's speed. It's the pulse of the world. That's why the architecture of Twitter #Music will be even more useful when it is applied to television.

To start, Twitter is already a place where everyone "gets together" to watch TV. It's the real-time water cooler. It's social TV. People constantly tweet about what they are watching. And it's significantly more valuable to know what people are currently watching than what they're currently listening to.

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TV programs have a shelf life, which has been shortened even more by the Twitter conversations around them. If you DVR a program that's "appointment viewing," like Breaking Bad, a Presidential Debate or a sporting event, you miss out on the Twitter conversation around it, which is as much fun as watching the program itself.

When they create the Twitter #TV version of Twitter #Music, you'll be able to tune into what your peers and others on Twitter are watching at that time, and join the conversation. Better yet, you'll be able tune in on your phone, tablet or TV. Airplay is already compatible with Twitter #Music, and with such an elegant interface, a version for Apple TV can't be far behind.

The Twitter #TV app could be the TV guide of the future. Open the app, see what everyone's watching, put it on your big screen and then join the conversation on Twitter.

Between its music and video ambitions, it's clear that Twitter is making a long-term play as a media distributor. Why wouldn't they?

We live in a real-time world, and Twitter is the place for real-time content discovery and conversation.

Jason Stein is the founder & president of social media agency Laundry Service, and a partner in Windforce Ventures, a VC firm focused on social and mobile. Tweet him @jasonwstein.