Portland Chiropractor Considers Nutritional Counseling Valuable to Care

PORTLAND, Ore., April 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC emphasizes that nutritional counseling can play just as vital a role in her patients' overall health as a spinal adjustment or other natural therapies. Dr. Stuart employs such counseling as part of a larger holistic or "whole-body" approach to health and wellness care. "Proper nutrition helps ensure good organ function, nerve and immune response while also helping injuries or illnesses heal more efficiently," says Dr. Stuart. "It also provides a safer, healthier way to lose and maintain weight than potentially dangerous fad or crash diets."

Portland chiropractor Dr. Samantha Stuart submits that the modern-day reliance on fast foods, snacks and processed meals has caused many Americans to sabotage their health inadvertently. Many of these products, she says, contain high levels of preservatives, fats, starches and sugars without providing much compensation in the way of genuine nutritional value.

Dr. Stuart states, "It's possible to eat thousands of calories a day and still suffer from malnutrition." This kind of diet can lead to obesity, an epidemic of the industrialized world associated with heart disease, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and some types of cancer. "Even children, with their love of sugary sodas and fatty snacks, are now being diagnosed in increasing numbers with Type 2 diabetes," says the Portland chiropractor. Excess weight can also lead to joint degeneration and spinal alignment problems, which in turn can create chronic issues ranging from back pain and headaches to impaired nerve, organ and immune function.

In an effort to address this problem on the individual level, Dr. Stuart's clinic provides customized dietary plans and counseling based on that individual's current health challenges, genetics, weight, lifestyle and medical history. A diabetic patient, for instance, might receive specific recommendations to help keep blood sugar levels under control, while hypertensive patients may need help switching to a salt-free diet.

"We help people learn how to read ingredients and really understand the effect it has on their health," Dr. Stuart says. The practitioner also guides patients on choosing healthy, natural alternatives and eat responsibly to lose weight while feeding their bodies critical nutrients. "This kind of lifestyle counseling is a perfect fit for our other work," she notes.

Weight loss, for example, can relieve stress on the joints and spinal column while chiropractic adjustments correct skeletal imbalances. This takes pressure away from nerves, which reduces pain and enables the whole body to function at optimal capacity. "We have seen outstanding results in our patients' health, and we urge others to consider this type of comprehensive care," she says.

In addition to nutritional counseling, the office of Dr. Samantha Stuart DC, PC offers chiropractic adjustment, massage therapy, and physical therapy to help patients with injuries, chronic pain and general wellness concerns.

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