The Wrinkle Fighting Power of...Temple Viper Venom?

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MIAMI BEACH, Fla., April 29, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Every day we hear about some new miracle solution that's supposed to be the next big thing in the anti-aging and beauty industry. The fact is that the overwhelming majority of these promises do not live up to the hype. Here is one that is different. SkinPro is promising real results based on real science with the new Temple Viper venom derived DNA Serum. That's right, the same stuff that can kill you is designed to also work fast to paralyze wrinkles around the eyes. The revolutionary tri-peptide Syn-Ake, made by SkinPro's pharmaceutical research partner Pentapharm, contains a new protein discovery, Walgerlin-1, which targets the neuromuscular activity that causes wrinkles. This is how it mimics the effects of actual snake venom from the Temple Viper, a snake native to Southeast Asia. The cosmetic scientists at SkinPro have figured out how to combine this scientifically proven anti aging peptide with other effective peptides in a topical delivery mechanism never seen before.

What it is…

DNA Serum is a new anti-wrinkle eye serum that combines the power of the scientifically proven peptides Syn-Ake, Leuphasyl, Argireline, and Eyeseryl. SkinPro, leveraging the advanced research of pharmaceutical giant Pentapharm's latest anti-wrinkle discovery, have designed DNA Serum from the ground up as an eye serum targeted directly at fine lines and expression wrinkles that exist on the delicate skin around the eyes.

"We are extremely excited to bring to market one of our most revolutionary and effective products yet," says Tim Schmidt, the founder of SkinPro. "And we are lucky to be able to have access to such advanced and proven peptides from companies such as Pentapharm and Lipotec. We know that our relationships with these world class pharmaceutical research laboratories will ensure that our customers received the most effective, highest quality product possible. That has always been our goal from day one."

What it does…

DNA Serum's special blend of clinically proven precursor pool peptides is made in the USA in an FDA registered laboratory and is designed to target and reduce all fine lines and wrinkles on the delicate skin around the eyes. As a topical solution, it even targets those spots where Botulinum Toxin Type-A injections do not reach. With the highest allowable concentration of clinically proven Temple Viper venom derived Syn-Ake, the goal for DNA Serum is simple. This product was designed with the sole intention of becoming world's most potent expression wrinkle filling eye serum. Try it for yourself, twice daily, and experience the difference of real science based solutions over the hype of department store brand skin care products sold by pretty women in lab coats.

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