Archiware Releases Cloud- and LTFS-Enabled Storage Software Suite "Archiware P5"

MUNICH, Germany, April 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Archiware, the leader in professional storage software, today released P5, a multi-platform solution for Synchronize, Backup and Archive. P5 provides customers with a bevy of user-friendly yet powerful features such as the unique incremental archive functionality within P5 Archive. In combination with the new LTFS support, this version further strengthens the modules' position as a bare-bone asset management system.

"Our goal as a company is to marry innovation with simplification," said Josef Doods, CEO of Archiware. "Not only have we shortened the PresSTORE name to 'P,' we know there is nothing else on the market that helps manage ever growing amounts of assets as professionally and easily as P5. P5 is ready for the future with a new index that scales indefinitely, keeping up with the data growth we are seeing in the market."

New P5 Features: Cloud Support, LTFS Support, Incremental Archive, and Pre-Defined Meta Data Fields

P5 is made up of four modules: Synchronize, Backup, Backup2Go and Archive, including easy set-up assistants to get first-time users up and running quickly. Within three minutes, users can set-up and run their first backup plan.

P5 Synchronize incorporates a powerful tool, WingFS, the universal cloud connector the company launched last fall. WingFS enables P5 Synchronize to sync to popular cloud services such as Amazon S3, Google Drive, and Google Cloud Storage. P5 Synchronize also provides the ability to backup data sets from the cloud to local storage for further peace of mind.

In addition, P5 manages LTFS (linear tape file system) tapes via P5's MediaLTFS, a tool specifically designed to manage LTFS tapes. P5 can label, mount or unmount tapes and allows users to read and write to or from the medium. P5 also handles the management of a designated tape drive within a tape library, keeping archive tapes as well as LTFS tapes cleanly separated.

With P5 Archive, administrators can move finished projects to the Archive, which avoids constant expansion of expensive production storage. Additionally, a new feature called 'incremental Archive,' changes the way the archive operates. The incremental option saves files again that have been modified, therefore allowing for a point in time restore in the future.

The software also provides media previews, customizable metadata fields and improved search capabilities. It has the potential to help production companies avoid the cost of more expensive media asset management systems. P5 Archive creates a "company memory" or master repository where everyone can search and browse all finished productions for reference or repurposing.


Archiware P5 is available for download now at:

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