Apple ‘Lows Are In’: Larry McDonald

Apple's move to issue $17 billion in debt could be signaling a low in its share price, Larry McDonald of Newedge said Tuesday.

"Well if you think about it, since Greece, Spain, Italy and all of these investment-grade credits have dropped out of the triple-A, double-A ranks, in the world, the amount of paper – on the planet Earth – that is double-A-plus or better is down 60 percent since Lehman," he said.

"So, companies like Apple are just coming to the market with this amazing strength because they're dealing with strength. There's not enough high-quality paper out there, and they're just completely taking advantage of it."

McDonald made the comments hours after Apple announced that it would issue $17 billion in debt.

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On CNBC's "Fast Money," McDonald said that the market could be setting up a floor because of easy money policy from the Federal Reserve.

"Somewhere below us, there's some type of a fixed-income bond floor that's forming," he said.

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Technically, shares of Apple were "in a bad spot," McDonald said, citing seven different bear-market rallies.

"In the short-term, it's made a heck of a move," he added. "The lows are in."

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