StyleCaster Teams Up With The Glamourai to Launch "30 Days of Style"

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NEW YORK, May 1, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- StyleCaster - the leading social media company for fashion, beauty and lifestyle, has unveiled "30 Days of Style," the month-long feature story styled by editorial partner and leading stylist The Glamourai.

A muse calendar for style, this cover story will enable StyleCaster readers to discover new ways to repurpose their wardrobes for spring. "30 Days of Style" will also provide readers with the ability to seamlessly click-through to purchase items available in the editorial, though it will primarily incentivize readers to leverage their current closets before shopping for more.

On the heels of increased payroll taxes, income has dropped by an astounding $505.5 billion this year. With this motivation, style enthusiasts can now maximize the resources they currently have at their disposal.

StyleCaster has tapped street style expert and world-renowned stylist Kelly Framel, founder of The Glamourai, to style 30 days' worth of outfits from a set selection of pieces, to be unveiled throughout the month of May. Through this digital calendar of resourceful inspiration, StyleCaster and The Glamourai aim to provide readers with a new perspective on how to style great spring outfits from unexpected essentials.

With the mission of bringing "Style to the People," StyleCaster's month-long style inspiration board, as produced by streets style expert Kelly Framel will be universally accessible at http://stylecaster.com/30-days-of-style/. Digestible updates will be available via #30DaysOfStyle, @StyleCaster and @TheGlamourai.

"Our readers are increasingly interested in personal style over seasonal trends," says Laurel Pinson, Editor in Chief of StyleCaster. "Partnering with a street style maven like Kelly Framel of The Glamourai was a natural fit for our marquee spring styling feature. Kelly has such a brilliant eye in the way she puts things together; she manages to make even the boldest of prints seem like a neutral staple."

"Fashion has been intimidating for a long time," says Kelly Framel, founder of The Glamourai. "With the advent of blogging, we're seeing the rules of fashion being reshaped by everyday people, and I think they're all taking that responsibility seriously. That's a huge testament to the inspiration we're all finding online, and the excitement around being part of that conversation."

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