Cramer: Don’t Believe These 10 Reasons for Sell-Off

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There are at least 10 reasons floating around Wall Street that could explain the recent sell-off in the stock market. Cramer admits they sound smart, even authoritative.

They include:

1. The economy's weak so we should sell stocks.
2. The Fed's policy's not working, so we should sell stocks.
3. The revenues aren't any good so we should sell stocks.
4. Europe is not getting any better so we should sell stocks.
5. China's getting worse so we should sell stocks.
6. It's May, bad month, we should sell stocks.
7. The stock market's run too much, we should sell stocks.
8. Stocks are expensive, we should sell stocks.
9. Taxes are going higher, we should sell stocks.
10. Earnings aren't so hot, we should sell stocks.

But Cramer doesn't believe them. Not a single one. "I just can't subscribe to this orthodoxy," the Mad Money host said.

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First, he said, that all 10 of those 'reasons' have been floating around the market for months and months. "Had you subscribed to these 'reasons' you would have missed thousands of points in the Dow Jones," Cramer said.

Second, Cramer thinks these 'reasons' are only relevant to people who own the market broadly with index funds or mutual funds; "I do not recommend owning the S&P 500," Cramer reminded. Instead the Mad Money host advocates doing homework and identifying the very best stocks in the market. Those stocks should continue to outperform.

Third, from his proprietary research which includes interviews conducted on Mad Money with Domino's Pizza CEO Pat Doyle,Eaton CEO Sandy Cutlerand PPG CEO Chuck Bunch, Cramer believes the global economy is bottoming out and perhaps even getting incrementally better. As long as it doesn't get worse, the improvement may be enough to ignite further gains.

"To me this stuff is patently obvious," said Cramer.

Therefore, Cramer thinks the pullback is providing opportunity. "The market is giving you a chance to buy favorite companies at prices that perhaps we shouldn't be able to get based on their remarkable performance," he said.

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Now, that doesn't mean the stock market couldn't go down again tomorrow, it could. Cramer is simply saying make a list of stocks you want to own and when they slide down to attractive entry points, pull the trigger.

"A ton of companies have reported earnings that were good and the stocks got out of reach. With the sell-off, they are coming back into reach. That doesn't mean the companies are less valuable. Just the stocks themselves," he said.

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