GT Crystal Systems to Supply Sapphire Screen Material for Motorola Solutions' MP6000 Multi-Plane Scanner

NASHUA, N.H., May 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GT Crystal Systems, a subsidiary of GT Advanced Technologies (Nasdaq:GTAT), today announced that it has agreed with Motorola Solutions to be the exclusive supplier of sapphire screens for Motorola's new MP6000 multi-plane bioptic imager. GT Crystal Systems will fabricate the 24 square inch sapphire components in its manufacturing facility located in Salem, Mass.

"This is an important development for us as it expands the adoption of our sapphire material into a new market segment," said Tom Gutierrez, GT's president and CEO. "GT's ASF sapphire is virtually scratch-proof, making it ideally suited as a screen material over reinforced glass because it can withstand the extreme strike forces the scanner system experiences during its use. The durability and optical performance of GT's ASF sapphire material has broad applicability in other cover and touch screen applications, and we are pursuing a number of these promising opportunities."

"Motorola's first imaging-based bioptic solution, the MP6000, enhances the user experience of retailers and consumers alike by enabling quick checkout and scanning of traditional paper-based bar codes as well as bar codes delivered on the screen of a mobile device," said Bob Sanders, senior vice president, Data Capture Solutions, Motorola Solutions. "GT's ASF sapphire provides the durability and longevity needed to ensure optimal performance."

GT is actively pursuing markets for ASF grown sapphire material outside of the traditional LED and optical applications, including the smartphone segment. The company will exhibit and present its sapphire solutions at the Society for Information Display's Display Week show in Vancouver, Canada May 19-24.

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