Lyfe Communications Boosts Bandwidth & Services at Post Addison Circle Apartments

SALT LAKE CITY, May 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lyfe Communications, Inc. (OTCQB:LYFE), a technology leader in the development of next generation media services integrating TV, high-speed Internet and enhanced voice services, today announced that it has increased its bandwidth and overall service capacity at Post Addison Circle apartment complex, allowing the company to service more customers in the growing Dallas market.

Utilizing the new partnership with the AT&T IP network, the company's Data services were extended to more than 1300 customers in the apartment complex. The extension was implemented in April of 2013 and with it the company is in a good position to deliver add-on services to customers already subscribed to its Data and telecom services.

Post Addison Circle Apartment complex represents just another of the company's implementation of expanded services over the AT&T network, and further deployment of expanded services in the Dallas market under that partnership. The Dallas MDU market presents a significant, growing opportunity for Lyfe to quickly and efficiently broaden its customer base in an underserved area.

Garrett Daw, EVP of Operations at Lyfe Communications, commented, "Expanding our service offering to the Post Addison Circle apartment complex allows us to not only grow our existing customer base in Texas as well as our top line, but also it strengthens our relationship with AT&T. Providing quality data services to an exceptional, urban property such as Post Addison Circle and its 1334 tenants is a tremendous growth opportunity for us. We are excited to seize this opportunity and look forward to meeting more of their tenants and our customers' next generation media needs moving forward."

About Lyfe Communications

Lyfe Communications, Inc. (OTCQB:LYFE), based in Salt Lake City, UT, is a leading technology company that develops, deploys and operates a proprietary converged network services platform delivering next generation media and communications services to subscribers, through a single broadband connection, across various connected home and portable devices. The Company's patent-pending innovations transform traditional digital television into a highly flexible IP (Internet Protocol)-based network service, offering subscribers powerful new features such as the delivery of standard definition TV, HDTV and Video-on-Demand across virtually any IP network to any connected device through a single, integrated service. Utilizing existing networks and patent-pending technology, Lyfe can achieve reduced operating costs and capex requirements, while providing customers with superior speed and connectivity at lower price points. The Company's services are available to multi-family residential communities through its subsidiary Connected Lyfe.

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