Avatier Files for Patent on Store Intelligence Technology That Could Revolutionize Management and Use of IT Service Catalogs

SAN RAMON, Calif., May 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Avatier Corp., a leader in risk-driven identity management software, today announced it has filed for a patent on new technology, INStore Intelligence™, which could revolutionize ITIL service catalogs for both business users and IT managers. With its new in-store metrics, IT professionals have a visual tool to manage their IT service catalog's inventory better and make new decisions about their IT store item choices. Business users have a much more advantageous shopping experience because new and important information is available to them during shopping. This store intelligence and analytics technology can be applied to e-commerce and enterprise application stores as well.

Avatier's new INStore Intelligence™ builds on real-world customer experience gained from hundreds of its patented identity and access management IT Stores already deployed globally. Where initially, IT stores were focused on front-end ease of use by utilizing an app store "look and feel," the new technology will provide more identity metrics and identity analytics that will save hours of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"As more and more items have been added to Actionable Service Catalogues every year, they have become unwieldy and, like any good resource, it makes sense for IT to clean them up, eliminate some of the unnecessary items and focus on those that are having the best impact on the corporation," commented Sally Hudson, analyst with IDC. "This will not only assist in determining which items have reached their end of life in any given organization, saving money, but as a result of streamlining the catalogues, they will become easier for business users to navigate."

The new store intelligence technology changes the business user's shopping experience by giving them insights into a host of information behind each store item by merely clicking on its icon. Information is revealed on a host of data points, including which items are in the greatest demand; which were the last requested; which take the longest to be approved; which are reaching end of life; or which have the highest risk factors.

For IT store managers, the technology provides a real-time visual representation of the life cycle of items in their IT service catalog, based on historical and real-time in-store metrics and analytics that can be customized to suit individual corporate needs. Clicking on any product provides an instant snapshot of its "risk" through a color-coded visual representation of "in compliance" (green), "need for investigation" (yellow) or "critical problem" (red).


As a result, among other metrics, IT professionals can determine:

  • Which IT store items are being used, and which are not
  • The last time a business user ordered a specific IT store item
  • Which corporate assets should be decommissioned
  • How many people use the selected item
  • How long the selected item has been in the store
  • How many times a user has tried to access an item and been denied

Armed with this information, IT professionals can analyze an asset and determine which must be deprovisioned from lack of use; which are used often and are therefore most valuable to the organization and might need budget forecast adjustments; and items that might need better user access explanations to limit denials. While the analytics allow the IT managers to "clean house" and keep the store fresh and current, more importantly, an organization can save money by streamlining its applications, subscriptions and hardware.

"Avatier invented the industry's first Actionable Service Catalog, and while it remains a valuable corporate resource, the sheer volume of offerings has cluttered stores so badly that it can be difficult for users to navigate and inefficient for IT personnel to manage. We knew there was a need for dramatic change," said Nelson Cicchitto, chairman and CEO, Avatier. "INStore Intelligence™ is the answer. It not only improves business service catalog management through a simple color-coded alert system, it saves money by controlling inventory. That means that identity and access management can have a significant impact on a company's bottom line."

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