How Apple May ‘Get Its Mojo Back’

A major upgrade to Apple's iPhone operating system could the start of a resurgence for the company's share price, Josh Brown of Fusion Analytics said Friday.

"There's no new product, but that could be a really, really positive sign for people who are waiting for Apple to get its mojo back," he said.

Brown noted that the iOS 7 software was being designed by the well-respected Jony Ive, the senior vice president of Apple's Industrial Design department.

Shares of Apple climbed 1 percent to close at $449.98 and continued to gain in after-market trading.

On CNBC's "Fast Money," Karen Finerman of Metropolitan Capital Advisers said that positive catalysts for the stock included Apple's share repurchase program and increased dividend to shareholders.

The shift helped Apple stock climb and once again make the company the world's largest by market capitalization this week.

But, Finerman noted, "It was an awful seven months before that."

Stuart Frankel's Steve Grasso offered, "Don't short a dull market."

Apple shares had been struggling for weeks to break the $415 level, he added.

"Once it took that out, it's that slow creep back to 500 when a lot of these capital allocations are out of the way," Grasso said.

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