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NEW YORK, NY, May 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This Week, tune in to hear our guests share their expertise on the psychology of success, health and wellness, self-empowerment, fracking, organic farming and so much more! Show times are as follows:

Monday, May 6th:

Jay Slosar from 6:00pm PST - 7:00pm PST

Tuesday, May 7th:

Linda Jangula from 6:00pm PST -7:00pm PST

Wednesday, May 8th:

Patricia Fayerweather-Harlow from 6:00pm PST -6:30pm PST

M.J. Domet from 6:30 PST - 7:00pm PST

Thursday, May 9th:

Joseph Moylan from 6:00pm PST - 7:00pm PST

Friday, May 10th:

Susanne Friend from 6:00pm PST -7:00pm PST

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Environmentally-conscious author says "No Fracking Way" to current support of drill-baby-drill policies

Once you frack, you can't go back! Environmental activist and children's book author Patty Fayerweather Harlow is urging fellow environmentalists to protest hydraulic fracturing across the country, and that means demanding that the practice be banned before another community is forced to grapple with its deadly consequences. Currently, the New York State Department of Conservation (NYSDEC) is preparing an environmental impact statement that will determine the legality of hydraulic fracturing in New York. Pending this report, which was just extended on February 12th for further consideration, Harlow has launched a campaign to mobilize New Yorkers to unite against fracking and demand that Governor Cuomo let the science decide. Proven to cause severe environmental pollution, including contamination of ground water, risk to air quality, and surface contamination from spills and flowback, fracking not only compromises the environment, but the health of individuals who live in and around the areas where it is practiced. A united front is our only hope to force Governor Cuomo and other government officials to listen to the MANY, not the money---for once!

With so much at stake in these environmentally sensitive times, our planet's valuable resources cannot be subjected to a drill-baby-drill platform, nor can our pristine landscapes be preserved with dangerous pipelines of crude oil pumping through them. Harlow is determined to bring awareness to this cause and to see hydraulic fracturing banned in the United States.

Patty Fayerweather Harlow is the author of the book series Rock with Rodney and Party with Perky to Preserve Wildlife, which explores the importance of preserving and protecting our national parks and historic landmarks. Harlow's 5-part book series (with a 6th edition soon to be published), empowers readers to take action in preserving the resources that make America beautiful. Her environmental advocacy began during the anti-environmental Bush era and has been continuous ever since. She is also a recognized poet with the distinction of being selected every year since 1998 to have her work printed in coffee house books through Poetry.com.

Join Patty Fayerweather Harlow in the fight to keep America beautiful. Contact her by phone at 607-724-3161 or by email at pfayerweath@stny.rr.com

To learn more, visit: http://patty-fayerweather-harlow.com/

For book purchases (available in both paperback and e-book form), please visit: http://patty-fayerweather-harlow.com/


Pioneer Joseph Moylan breaks free of conventional healthcare and achieves optimal health with Biomats

Step outside the box and detox! Joseph Moylan, owner of Ion Health, LLC, provides Biomats to individuals who are looking for a non-invasive, all natural solution to health and wellness. FDA approved and designed using NASA and Nobel Prize winning technology, Biomats emit infrared, negative ions to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, decrease pain, and boost the immune system. This cutting-edge technology increases overall energy and actually kills cancer cells. Biomats are a risk-free, viable solution to a healthy lifestyle and have lifted countless individuals out of the pangs of illness. Are you ready to get healthy? Roll up your sleeves and roll out a Biomat today!

Ion Health, LLC also offers the Alkal-Life 7000, a water ionizer designed to purify and ionize drinking water to increase the body's alkalinity. Beneficial to everyone, regardless of age or health status, ionized water is a powerful liquid antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and balances pH levels. Achieving an alkaline pH level is essential to deterring bacteria, inflammation, and disease and drinking ionized water will do just that! Whatare you and your family drinking? Call Joseph Moylan today and find out.

Dedicated to healthy living, Joseph Moylan never stops learning. Having spent 15 years researching science-based data in all fields of health, he helps individuals live their lives to the fullest and his efforts have revolutionized the road to wellness.

Get healthy! Let Joseph Moylan roll out a solution for you!

Joseph Moylan may be contacted as follows:

By phone: 765-520-2988

By email: ionhealth@hotmail.com

To learn more about Biomats or the Alkal-Life 7000, please visit: www.ionhealthbiomats.weebly.com


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