Geolocation Feature Supports Mapping Capabilities in Version 10 of Iron Speed Designer

San Jose, May 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Award-winning software company, Iron Speed, Inc., has released Version 10 of its development software for .NET database applications. The tool has been finely tuned to support geolocation, faster search control and the latest Microsoft products.

"We feel these new features will deliver more flexibility and freedom for the wide range of industries we cater to," said Iron Speed Chairman and Co-founder Alan Fisher. "Version 10 allows users to access millions of records while interacting with customers and employees in a manner that is professional and impactful."

Advancements to the software include a mapping feature which identifies the end user's location in proximity to job sites and other location-bound database records.

"If you have a retail store or trucking company, employees and customers would value being able to pinpoint stores or inventory on a map. Not only can geolocation cut development time in half, but it also helps keep our customers above their competition," stated Fisher.

The new Gallery Page boasts enhanced aesthetic appeal for photo galleries and product catalogs. Layout improvements include text overlaid on images for a more organized look.

Iron Speed Designer supports HTML5 and CSS3, and can be easily deployed to the Web, Cloud, mobile and SharePoint environments.

Perpetual licenses are available online and monthly subscriptions start as low as $249 per month. Additionally, you can download the FREE trial and be the first to know about Iron Speed promotions and discounts:

About Iron Speed, Inc.

Iron Speed is the leader in enterprise-class application development. Our software development tools build database and reporting applications in significantly less time and cost than hand-coding. Our flagship product, Iron Speed Designer, is the fastest way to deliver applications for the Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SharePoint, mobile and Software As A Service (SAAS) cloud computing environments.

Founded in 1999, Iron Speed is well-funded with a capital base of over $20M from several strategic investors and executives from AMD, Excelan, Onsale, and Oracle. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in San Jose, CA. and is located online at:


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