Dr. Edward Kondrot, MD, Named President of the Arizona Homeopathic & Integrative Medical Association

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DADE CITY, Fla., May 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Edward Kondrot, MD, has been named President of the board of the Arizona Homeopathic & Integrative Medical Association (AHIMA), a 27-year-old state association for licensed homeopathic medical physicians in Arizona and in other states. Dr. Kondrot will lead the organization in its mission to promote and provide leadership in the art and practice of Licensed Homeopathic Medicine, preserve and improve the health of the people of Arizona by developing and maintaining the highest standards, represent the physician and the profession in the public forum and defend the freedom and the ability of the physician to practice medicine in the best interests of the patient.

"I am very proud to follow Dr. Bruce Shelton as President of AHIMA," said Dr. Kondrot. "AHIMA is leading the country in innovative alternative treatments to improve your health and to support the growth of homeopathy and I feel honored to take the helm."

To begin his presidency, Dr. Kondrot will be hosting a valuable seminar on June 8th on Environmental Toxins and Thyroid disease with special guests Dr. Mark Starr, author of the best-selling book Type 2 Hypothyroid and Dr. William Rea, the father of Environmental medicine.

Dr. Kondrot is the world's only board certified ophthalmologist and a board certified homeopathic physician. He is the author of two best-selling books, host of the Healthy Vision radio show and a sought after speaker.

Healing the Eye & Wellness Center provides proven and effective alternative and homeopathic treatments for eye conditions including macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. Dr. Kondrot's seminars and 3 day restore vision program have become the standard in alternative therapies for eye disease. For more information about the Kondrot program, please visit the site at http://www.healingtheeye.com/ and to register for the seminar go to http://www.ahima.org/.

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The Healing the Eye & Wellness Center is located 30 miles north of Tampa, in Dade City, Fl. Founded by Dr. Edward Kondrot, the Center offers world-class alternative therapies for vision conditions, including color and vision therapy, the treatment of glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, dry eye, and more. The center also offers a variety of seminars, webinars, and training sessions for others in the medical community. Dr. Kondrot is the world's only board-certified ophthalmologist and board-certified homeopathic physician. He is also author of three best-selling books in the field. For more information, visit the site at http://www.healingtheeye.com/.

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