HoverCam Compatible With iPad


SAN DIEGO, May 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. announced how to use your HoverCam document camera with an iPad. The HoverCam is an excellent way to show a large screen image of a tablet (or smartphone) screen. Just put the tablet underneath the HoverCam, and the high resolution, true 5-megapixel HoverCam sensor displays the tablet screen crystal clear. The advantage of showing the tablet screen this way is the audience (or class) can easily follow the instructor's hand movements, making it easier to comprehend how the teacher is using the tablet.

If you'd like to use the iPad to control a HoverCam, a great way to do that is with an app called Splashtop, which allows you to control your computer screen with the iPad. With the HoverCam attached to your computer and with Splashtop on your iPad you can control all HoverCam functions with the iPad. The camera images can be simultaneously seen on the iPad, the computer and the projector and you can annotate and manipulate the HoverCam image with the iPad. Splashtop also has an app to turn the iPad into an "interactive" tablet / whiteboard. Our technical service department has thoroughly tested Splashtop. The application installs easily and works perfectly. We recommend it.

According to John Miewald, Marketing Manager, "We occasionally run into a person who says, 'I don't need a document camera. My tablet has a camera.' We believe – as do our customers – that both products, which have different functions, co-exist in the classroom."

CONTACT: John Miewald Marketing Manager Pathway innovations and Technologies, Inc. 858.750.3499 johnm@thehovercam.com www.thehovercam.com

Source:Pathway Innovations & Technologies, Inc.