New Report Compares North American, Australian Shale Basins

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HOUSTON, May 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On the verge of its DUG Australia conference in Brisbane, QLD, Australia, Hart Energy announced today its latest industry report, The North American Shale Revolution: Analogues For Australian Success. This special, 68-page complimentary report, prompted by Australia's burgeoning unconventional gas market, transfers specialized knowledge from North American shale plays.

"Australia is already an unconventional resource powerhouse as a producer of coal-seam gas (CSG), and its potential for shale gas and tight sands is critical to Asia-Pacific economic growth," said Peggy Williams, editorial director of Hart Energy. "The Analogues report was created to help Australia benefit from the experiences of North American unconventional resource pioneers."

The supplement offers analogues of dry gas shale plays, liquids-rich shale plays, and hybrid shale plays. Geologic characteristics, well construction techniques, completion strategies, production rates, and type curves are reviewed. Successful strategies to handle surface concerns such as logistics, water issues, and community relations are also covered. Hart Energy, the industry leader in unconventional resources information, is proud to partner with the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) in distributing these "lessons learned" at the Hart Energy Booth — #362 — during the 2013 APPEA Conference & Exhibition, held May 26-29 in Brisbane.

Hart Energy holds its inaugural DUG Australia conference and exhibition, Aug. 27-29, in Brisbane's Royal International Convention Centre. The event brings market-leading insight on unconventional gas (CSG, shale, and tight sands) and its development in Australia. Attendees comprise of producers, the financial community, service companies, pipeline operators, policymakers, and other professionals.

Leading speakers on the agenda include these pioneers in the North American shale revolution:

  • Bruce Vincent, president, Swift Energy Co.
  • Richard Stoneburner, president (ret.), North America shale production division, BHP Billiton Ltd.
  • Gary Evans, president and CEO, Magnum Hunter Resources Corp.

Other speakers confirmed to-date include:

  • Doug Brooks, chief executive, Aurora Oil & Gas Ltd.
  • Katie Klaber, CEO, Marcellus Shale Coalition
  • Bill Marko, managing director, Jefferies & Co.
  • Don Schofield, president, Linc Energy Ltd.
  • Diana Hoff, vice president, technical and engineering, Santos Ltd.
  • Vidar Skjaeveland, vice president, onshore exploration, Statoil ASA
  • David Breeze, executive director, Advent Energy Ltd.
  • David Wrench, managing director, Strike Energy Ltd.
  • Shane Charles, CEO, Toowoomba Regional Enterprise and Surat Basin Corp.
  • Kip Ferguson, executive vice president of exploration, Magnum Hunter Resources Corp.
  • Brad Lingo, managing director, Drillsearch Energy Ltd.

Visit dugaustralia.com for details.

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