Investors Continue to Shift Money From Gold to Equities


Despite gold prices bouncing off their April lows, investors continue to pull money out of the precious metal and plow it into equities, as the stock market keeps climbing to new highs.

Since bottoming at $1,321.50 on April 16, gold prices have stabilized and rallied more than 11 percent, but the SPDR Gold Trust ETF has had more than $4.4 billion in outflows, according to

The exodus from the biggest commodity ETF is nothing new. Last month, the GLD experienced $6.8 billion in outflows, putting the total figure so far this year at $14 billion.

As fund flows decrease, the GLD is no longer the sixth-largest holder of gold in the world. For the first time since the second quarter of 2008, the ETF's bullion levels fell below China's gold reserves.

Despite the outflows, the SPDR Gold Trust still holds more than 1,000 tonnes of the precious metal in its highly secured vaults, but at 1,052 tonnes, that's down 22 percent since its holdings peaked at 1,351 tonnes in mid-December.

Largest Holders of Gold

United States 8133.5 tonnes
Germany 3391.3 tonnes
IMF 2814.0 tonnes
Italy 2451.8 tonnes
France 2435.4 tonnes
China 1054.1 tonnes
SPDR Gold ETF 1051.5 tonnes
Switzerland 1040.1 tonnes
Source: World Gold Council/SSgA

—BY CNBC's Robert Hum and Giovanny Moreano