Disruptors Making Health Care Better...And Cheaper

Healthcare Disruptors

From low-cost DNA analysis to same-day appointments made online, these five CNBC Disruptors are making healthcare more accessible and less expensive: 23andMe, Audax Health, Castlight Health Ginger.io, and ZocDoc.

  • Castlight Health will be in the spotlight, coming to market with a valuation of more than $1 billion, after pricing its IPO above range.

  • Naimish Patel
    By: Naimish Patel, vice president of product marketing at Audax Health

    Going social leads to better health and a better health-care system, and it will reinvent the Obamacare era.

  • By: Eric Rosenbaum, CNBC.com

    Health care has been a bad investment. Lots of money into a system that isn't improving our health or the patient experience. Silicon Valley-backed startups intend to change that.

  • Low-cost DNA analysis service for individuals.

  • Self-engagement technology for individuals aimed at bringing down health-care costs and providing better care.

  • Health care transparency technology for employers, lowering the cost of health care and providing individuals with unbiased pricing and quality data for health care purchases.

  • Technology that can model individual health patterns and behavior through a mobile phone app, and provide researchers, physicians and hospitals with a continuous data stream.

  • Free smartphone-based service that lets patients research doctors and dentists, and to book appointments.

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