Icahn: ‘I Don’t See Chanos on the Forbes 400’

Hedge fund titan Jim Chanos has missed something in shorting Dell, billionaire investor Carl Icahn said Friday on CNBC.

"Look, I've known Chanos for years. I respect him, but I've bid on the other side of him many times, and I've made fortunes being against him," he said.

"I don't say this in any derogatory way, but I don't see Chanos on the Forbes 400 list."

This week, Chanos told "Squawk Box" that he was shorting the PC maker and said he was puzzled by the deal. "I don't think they're looking at the numbers," the founder of Kynikos Associates said.

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On "Fast Money," Icahn added that he meant no disrespect.

"But it doesn't mean that he's always right," he said. "That's the point I'm trying to make.

"You know, when you sell short, you're wrong a hell of a lot of times."

Pressed on the fact that Chanos has done well for himself, Icahn added, "I do think so. Well, I shouldn't really say I think so because I have no damn idea. But he sounds pretty good when I listen to him. I haven't talked to him personally for a long time. But I'm not here to fight with Chanos."

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