CTC Media Launches Touch-Free Cooking App

MOSCOW, May 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CTC Media, Inc. ("CTC Media" or the "Company") (Nasdaq:CTCM), Russia's leading independent media company, has announced the launch of a touch-free motion activated cooking app, a first for the Russian market. The app was developed by international cross-media company Screenz.

Domashny became the first TV channel to offer its viewers and Domashniy.ru users a touch-free app, which is supported on mobile devices with a built-in camera. The app can be operated using a unique gesture system, which does not require users physically to touch the screen.

The innovative app not only gives users the opportunity to watch delicious dishes being prepared on television but also prepare them at home. The app contains over 400 recipes from the channel and website, which are split into the following categories: meat dishes, fish and seafood, pasta dishes, salads, bakery, jams, sauces and seasonings, drinks, meals in under 30 minutes, healthy dishes, low-calorie dishes, dishes for diabetics and allergy-sufferers, as well as party dishes. The app also contains video recipes from the chefs and stars of Domashny, as well as daily tips and advice.

In addition, the app also offers a number of useful features such as a timer, ingredient list, and a glossary of terms for "dummies". The app also lets users share their culinary masterpieces on social networks.

Natalia Korotkova, Head of Domashny Channel: "The Domashny channel is the first on the Russian market to offer viewers a whole range of lifestyle shows and we plan to broaden the range of genres available in the channel's future development. New media is of particular interest to us currently and we are actively working on developing this area, focusing on innovative and useful apps for our audience."

Anna-Maria Treneva, CTC Media's Head of Digital Media: "The Domashny cooking app and Domashniy.ru portal are testament to the fact that we offer more than just television. The company is constantly searching for interesting and useful ideas for our audience, exemplified by our decision to create both an innovative and convenient cooking app for mobile devices. We know it can be messy to cook using recipes on a mobile device and came to the conclusion that the best solution would be to navigate the app using gestures and thoughts. Although mind-control technologies do not exist yet, we did manage to garnish our recipes with gesture control."

The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

About CTC Media, Inc.

CTC Media is a leading independent media company in Russia, with operations throughout Russia and in a number of other CIS markets. It operates three free-to-air television networks in Russia – CTC, Domashny and Peretz – as well as Channel 31 in Kazakhstan and a TV company in Moldova, with a combined potential audience of over 150 million people. The international pay-TV version of the CTC channel is available in North America, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Central and South East Asia. CTC Media also has its own TV content production capabilities through its Story First Production subsidiary and a number of digital media assets in Russia. The Company's common stock is traded on The NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol "CTCM". For more information on CTC Media, please visit www.ctcmedia.ru.

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