American Greed Episode 75: Dealing in Deceit

Case File

Dealing in Deceit

San Francisco entrepreneur Samuel "Mouli" Cohen starts an internet music company and fraudulently takes in $31 million from celebrities, investors, and a charity dedicated to help the poor. He claims they will make a fortune when his company is sold to Microsoft. But there is no deal. The millions go to fund his opulent mansion, a private jet, and a priceless art collection. When his scam is revealed investors find out the mansion and jet are rented and the artwork is fake. They were all part of his lies.


  • Determined to Rebuild and Help

    Vanguard Justice Community Council members state their intentions to "reclaim the spirit of Vanguard" and to make reparations to organizations left high and dry when the community foundation crumbled under Hari Dillon's leadership.

  • The Man, the Myth, and the Fake Masterpieces

    Learn how Mouli Cohen commissioned artwork to create the facade of a fabulously wealthy and generous philanthropist.


  • Web-savvy Mouli Cohen portrays himself as a successful entrepreneur and generous philanthropist. He bolstered his internet presence by penning “articles” about business and distributing them as press releases. Read one of them here, “Mouli Cohen on Leadership.”

  • By: Court Hearing transcripts

    A few months after Mouli Cohen was sentenced, investor Cindy Woods attends the sentencing of Hari Dillon. Woods delivers a statement urging the court to impose a harsh punishment on Dillon, who she believes feels no remorse for his own crimes.

  • By: Court Hearing transcripts

    Susanna Moore, a former Vanguard Public Foundation board member and investor in Mouli Cohen’s eCast scheme, addresses the court at Cohen’s sentencing. Moore takes Cohen to task for the demise of the foundation.