Biova Announces Preferred Distributor Agreement with Maypro Industries


JOHNSTON, Iowa, May 15, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Biova® LLC, the leading supplier of water soluble egg membrane, has finalized an agreement with Maypro Industries® to be the preferred distributor of Biova's ingredient portfolio in Japan and Taiwan.

"Maypro is a proven industry leader," said Matt Stegenga, Biova's director of sales and marketing. "They recognize that BiovaFlex® and BiovaDerm® will fill important niches in their impressive portfolio of quality proprietary branded ingredients. Joint health and skin health products are priorities for the consumer. Like us, Maypro believes in innovation—we love their experience and track record of success."

Maypro's reputation as a favored global supplier of specialty, guaranteed quality, bulk and branded nutraceutical ingredients is based on 35+ years of global sourcing and trusted service. Maypro comprises six strategically aligned companies with offices in the United States, Japan and China.

"We supply leading companies, and Biova's ingredients offer significant competitive advantages for our customers" said Isabel Elias-Castro, president of Global Export Group, Maypro Industries LLC (NY). "Water solubility is a difference maker, opening up delivery options like soft gels, gummies or foods, plus a variety of topical applications. This versatility simply isn't possible with any other egg membrane ingredients."

"We have built our reputation using a strategy that focuses on giving great value to our customers," said Tac Kurihara, president of Maypro Industries Inc. (Japan). "Biova's ingredient portfolio aligns perfectly with Maypro's promises of quality and value."

Biova markets a trio of water soluble egg membrane ingredients: BiovaFlex for joint health products; BiovaDerm for skin care; and BiovaPlex® for animal health.

"Maypro's market approach perfectly complements Biova's strengths," said Marisa Ford, international and natural accounts with Biova. "We know the market potential is there for Biova's branded ingredients. With Maypro's expertise, we expect to open many new markets together."

Privately held, Biova applies advanced research and technology to develop innovative commercial ingredients for customers worldwide. This approach has yielded multiple patented processes. Sustainable production, plus partnerships with some of the largest U.S. egg processors, assures Biova the vertical integration, capability and scale to meet virtually any commercial application. Target markets include cosmetic, nutrition and animal health product applications.

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Source:Biova, LLC