Google Glass ‘A Coin-Flip’: Josh Brown

Investors are betting Google's new smart eyeglasses have plenty of potential, Josh Brown of Fusion Analytics said Wednesday.

"I think what people are really excited about is what the potential for Glass might be," he said. "It's a total coin-flip at this point, whether it fizzles out or it's the next iPhone."

Google crossed the $900-per-share mark for the first time amid its Google I/O 2013 conference.

On CNBC's "Fast Money," Brown noted that Google stock wasn't as "overowned" as Apple was and said that its stock at $900 "could turn into $1,000."

Brown brushed off naysayers of Google Glass, which could play a large role in the technology's future, even if it drags on its share price in the near term.

"You saw it with Netflix when they first announced streaming. You saw this with Google when they entered mobile years ago. Developers are starting to work on apps for Glass," he said. "It's 17 times earnings in the meantime, so why not take the risk?"

OptionMonster's Jon Najarian wasn't sold on Google Glass.

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"I think that's a pig in a poke," he said, citing privacy issues. "It's absolutely worthless, Google Glass."

Najarian did sound more bullish on the development of apps.

"Google is also really going to monetize youTube, where they say the valuation might be close to $20 billion," he said. "I think that's the future here for Google, are those apps, Android and the YouTube."