SkinPro Leverages New Cosmeceutical Technology From Lipotec and Pentapharm to Create the Most Innovative Anti-Aging Formula of 2013

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MIAMI, May 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SkinPro, America's most innovative cosmeceutical company, is pulling out all the stops on their new anti-aging formula. So much so, that most of the details are still top secret. What we do know is that SkinPro will be pushing the boundaries of scientific innovation yet again for their new pharmaceutical-grade formula.

How, you may ask?

SkinPro is leveraging the latest peptide releases from Lipotec and Pentapharm, in conjunction with their own cosmetic pharmacy compounding experience to create a new standard for anti-aging innovation.

What are these peptides and what do they do?

Syn-TC by Pentapharm is a patented tetrapeptide that is clinically proven to increase the amount of collagens, in vitro, to help promote smooth and beautiful skin. Collagens make up 75% of the skin's proteins and are responsible for the skin's smoothness and firmness. Over time however, collagen levels naturally decrease which causes the skin to seem loose and un-firm. Syn-TC was specifically formulated to increase these collagen levels and promote firm, healthy skin.

When we smile or frown, our skin shows muscle memory. We start to develop fine lines and wrinkles by simply being happy, sad, or even blinking! This is where Lipotec's Inyline comes into play. Inyline works to reduce the activation of the muscle memory by targeting certain bonding receptors and ultimately preventing the muscle memory in our skin from registering. This solution not only works as a repair peptide for already present fine lines and wrinkles but also works as preventative maintenance as well.

"As usual, we are thrilled to be involved on a research and development level with some of the best, most respected names in skin care innovation," says SkinPro CEO Timothy Schmidt. "We value our relationships with these cutting edge peptide developers and we are confident that our research with them to combine Inyline and Syn-TC in a new, never seen before way will be the most successful and talked about anti-aging innovation of 2013."

What exactly is this new anti-aging solution?

Researchers are currently in the final stages of the advanced testing of the formula that combines these two new effective peptides into an award-winning topical that is worthy of the esteemed SkinPro Innovation badge. Apart from the obvious potency, this new product is designed to be the most ergonomic eye serum ever released. The first ever completely oil-free and non-comodegenic eye serum that will have the moisturizing capability and feel of an eye cream. This represents the best of both worlds for an eye serum: the feel of an eye cream, with the non-comodegenic functionality and efficacy of an eye serum. SkinPro anticipates the release of this new and exciting product during the second half of 2013. Ask your medical professional or esthetician about SkinPro products today. Visit SkinPro online at or call toll-free 1-800-575-2065 to order.

Source:SkinPro International