A gaming console that enables any developer to publish a console game by bringing the mobile app model to the TV. OUYA is an open platform and inexpensive alternative to traditional game consoles.

The status quo in the way video games are played on televisions, the last "closed platform."

Source: Ouya

Headquarters: Los Angeles
CEO: Julie Uhrman
Year Founded: 2012
Number of Employees: 25
Funding: $23.6 million
Key Investors: Original Kickstarter funders, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Mayfield Fund, NVIDIA, Shasta Ventures and Occam Partners

Vital Stats

  • One of the most successful Kickstarter projects in history, raising $8.5 million across more than 63,000 funders
  • During Kickstarter campaign was raising $1,000 every minute
  • Recently became the first Kickstarter project to attract serious venture capital with round led by Kleiner Perkins.
  • $99 gaming console with one controller ($49 for additional controllers)
  • Games are free to try
  • Any game creator can publish the game to TV
  • To be sold across U.S. starting in June through Amazon, Best Buy, GAME, Gamestop and Target

On Disruption

"Doing something that everyone else says you can't do!" -Julie Uhrman, CEO and Founder


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