Introducing Convey, a New Online Platform That Hosts & Manages Content, Training & Events

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ATLANTA, May 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Convey Services today unveiled 'Convey,' an online platform to host and manage content, training and events. Convey sites are built on the Convey Platform and can be either public or private. The platform is flexible, easy-to-use, rapidly deployed and inexpensive to manage. Convey features a built-in event management engine to promote, register and remind participants to attend trainings, live or virtual events.

"Convey allows you to quickly deploy a highly customized online platform to manage content, training or events," said Carolyn Bradfield, Chief Executive of Convey Services. "With Convey, you can host your content in the cloud, manage the site yourself, and do it without needing technical support from inside or outside your organization."

Convey eliminates the risk, time to market and engineering expense for creating and deploying custom systems. A Convey site can be launched and fully populated in a matter of days to deliver content, training and events to customers or staff. Detailed administrative and reporting capabilities allow site operators to manage users, track viewing, revenue, and site membership.

"Convey content hosted sites play a strategic role in businesses large and small," Bradfield added. "Convey can be a training engine or a content management solution. It can manage events or generate revenue through content purchases. Convey's e-commerce engine empowers businesses to turn their Convey site into a profit center by selling content, events, training, banner advertising, preferred content placement or memberships without the need or expense of a merchant account."

Content, training or events are posted on Convey by following a simple wizard to upload files and add customized payment options, if desired. Convey does not require special authoring tools since it accepts nearly every file type.Sites can be divided into catalogs to allow internal employees or outside contributors to manage them independently.

Convey can act as a clearinghouse to distribute revenue between the site owner and content contributors. Convey is inexpensive, with no software to purchase or internal systems to impact. A monthly subscription fee gives an unlimited number of users access to the platform.

About Convey Services

Headquartered in Roswell, GA, Convey Services empowers businesses to deliver and manage training, content and events quickly, efficiently and inexpensively using an online platform. Convey is feature-rich, easy-to-use, customizable, and can be managed without IT support. Convey Services will be exhibiting at the 2013 American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) conference, booth 941, May 19 – 22, in Dallas, Texas. ASTD is the premier event for workplace learning and development professionals.

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