Yahoo Eyeing Tumblr for $1 Billion?


Yahoo is trying really hard to be cool again and it's hoping that Tumblr can help.

The Internet company is looking to align itself with the blogging site, either by investments or, perhaps, by acquisition, according to a recent report from All Things D.

Since Marissa Mayer has taken the reigns at Yahoo, she has met with top executives from Tumblr, including the 22-year-old CEO David Karp, according to the report. And apparently there has been a stronger interest in an alliance more recently, sources told All Things D.

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If Yahoo did end up buying Tumblr, it would have to shell out some serious cash. The company is reportedly valued at $800 million. According to an AdWeek report, Yahoo could pay as much as $1 billion.

Since Mayer became CEO, the company has acquired several companies including Summly, Astrid and Jybe. It's also been rumored to be eyeing Hulu, as well.

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