Now There's a Gun That Let's You Shoot, Post on Facebook

TrackingPoint smart-rifle technology
Source: TrackingPoint | Facebook
TrackingPoint smart-rifle technology

Taking social media obsession to a whole new level, a newly released gun allows users to share the things you shoot on social platforms like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. Yes, seriously.

The rifle is called TrackingPoint from a company of the same name and is marketed as a smartgun, which is a personalized firearm connected to the Internet with advanced precision technology. It's designed to only shoot when the barrel is aimed at the perfect spot and factors in elements like wind and hand steadiness to ensure accuracy.

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But the gun also has Wi-Fi and records every shot fired, which enables the user to stream their shots to a nearby iPad or post them to social media platforms.

The rifle is password protected and priced at $22,000, according to a report from Now This News. However, Remington Arms has already licensed the technology and is planning to release its gun at a more affordable price, according to the report.

For more details about the gun's technology, watch the video below.

_ By CNBC's Cadie Thompson. Follow her on Twitter @CadieThompson